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Urgent Message from Bishop Louis Nkinga (The Roman Catholic Church of Lisala, Congo, Africa)

Urgent Message from Bishop Louis Nkinga Bondala (Roman Catholic Church) Diocese of Lisala, Congo, Africa

Dear brothers and sisters,

Kindly allow me to greet you in the name of the blessed Virgin Mary and His Son Jesus Christ. Am too blessed to write to you. Am Bishop Louis Nkinga Bondala of Roman catholic Diocese of Lisala found in DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo - Africa) Africa as an ordained priest. The reason why am writing to you is to kindly have mercy to pray for us since my major challenge am seriously facing in the running of my diocese is due to the war which we are facing and highly affecting my priests and catholic believers in terms of food, water. These things are common in Africa in many areas. Due to this war, a number of people are getting killed, injuries including my priests which live behind broken hearts of orphans and widows, destroying infrastructure including devastated schools, medical centers, and churches. However our efforts now in the Diocese area I med at finding aid for the people left behind, especially educating more priests, help in rebuilding schools and churches.

However we are trying to establish schools to train Priests, Seminary schools, we also try to eradicate poverty through creating SACCO to sustain our priests and we grateful to all who have contributed to our progress. Our diocese set a goal to build a technical school for our young people since they are eager to learn and when finished, it will train them to become electricians, carpenters, welders and mechanics, to name just a few. Our young people are the future of our church and our country. Through education, we will teach them to think critically to be creative, to dialogue, to learn from each other and to love God and their neighbors. Through this we shall be able to introduce the word of God to the children.

Please we kindly request you to help us with your support to fund my diocese with mass stipends for my suffering Priests and this will help my Priests in their parishes and missions to run them with their daily expenses for example food, water and medical services. We have a total of 221 Priests and these include the retired Priests, diocesan priests and the ones working in our catholic organizations for example schools, hospitals and charitable organizations.

Thanks please may the Almighty Father bless you.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


The Rt. Rev'd LOUIS NKINGA BONDALA (CICM), Email: Diocesan Bishop The Roman Catholic Church Diocese of Lisala Democratic Republic of the Congo (Africa) Found OF The DRC.

Urgent Message from Bishop Louis Nkinga Bondala (Roman Catholic Church) Diocese of Lisala, Congo, Africa

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